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Drug Discovery Protocols: This database contains a comprehensive list of various bioprotocols that are used in biomarker discovery. These complete protocols include techniques used in molecular and protein drug discovery research. We have listed unique protocols that are not available in any other online bioprotocol database.
Animal models

Mouse Model Choroidal Neovascularization (CNV) Induction

Choroid neovascularization (CNV), a hallmark of wet AMD, is triggered by laser photocoagulation (532 nm, 200 mW, 100 ms, 75 mM) (OcuLight GL, Iridex, Mountain View, Calif.) performed on both eyes of each mouse on day 0 by a single individual masked to drug group assignment. Laser spots are applied in a standardized fashion around the optic nerve, using a slit lamp delivery system and a cover slip as a contact lens. For evaluation, the eyes are enucleated and fixed with 4% paraformaldehyde for 30 min at 4 degree C. The neurosensory retina is detached and severed from the optic nerve. The remaining RPE-choroid-sclera complex is flat mounted in Immu-Mount (Vectashield Mounting Medium, Vector) and coverslipped. Flat mounts are examined with a scanning laser confocal microscope (TCS SP, Leica, Germany). Vessels are visualized by exciting with blue argon laser. Horizontal optical sections (1 mM step) are obtained from the surface of the RPE-choroid-sclera complex. The deepest focal plane in which the surrounding choroidal vascular network connecting to the lesion can be identified is judged to be the floor of the lesion. Any vessel in the laser treated area and superficial to this reference plane is judged as CNV. Images of each section are digitally stored. The area of CNV-related fluorescence is measured by computerized image analysis using the Leica TCS SP software. The summation of whole fluorescent area in each horizontal section is used as an index for the volume of CNV. The siRNA compounds disclosed herein are tested in this animal model which shows that these siRNAs treat and/or prevent AMD and thus may be used to treat this condition.

Source: 7,872,119

Disclaimer: Sciclips does not guarantee the authenticity or validity of the protocols listed in this section. These protocols are extracted "as is" from various sources, with minor modifications. Please refer to the respective citations, which are hyperlinked, for more details. The use of cited molecules, not limited to proteins, nucleic acids, compounds etc, in the protocols that are extracted from patents may be covered under patent rights. These molecules should be used for information purpose only.
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