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Unique collection of protocols linked to published journal articles and patents/patent applications.

Thousands of protocols on molecular biology, Proteomics, Biopharmaceuticals, Biological imaging, Virology, Immunology, Stem cells, Drug Discovery, Immunoassays, Cell biology, Epigenetics, Genomics, Plant biology, HTS assays and more

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Most Cited Reagents
The protocols listed in this section are extracted from scientific journals or patents or laboratory websites. We have cited only the journals that are freely available to view. Please be informed that the free services offered by listed journals may not be available globally.

We have a unique collection of protocols from journals and patents. We have listed thousands of protocols and in most cases, the titles of protocols listed in our site are similar to the "Materials & Methods" section of the journals. Sometimes, it is not easy to categorize these protocols. We are in the process of categorizing these protocols. Meantime, we strongly recommend you to search for the protocols using the search function.
Bioprotocol Categories
The contents of this database should not be downloaded using any manual or automated processes and/or crawlers. Bulk downloading or reselling or redistribution of the contents of this database is prohibited.

Animal models protocols

Biochemical assays protocols

Bioinformatics Tools and Databases

Antibody, Immunology Tools & Databases, Bacterial DNA, RNA, Genome and Proteins, Basic Laboratory Calculations & Tools, Cell Biology Tools, DNA Databases, DNA Sequence Analysis, Drug Discovery Tools & Databases, Enazymes/Substrates/Inhbiitors Databases, Epigenetic Tools & Databases ...

Biological imaging protocols

Biopharmaceuticals protocols

Recombinant antibodies, Vaccines, Protein drugs (EPO), Peptide drugs, DNA vaccines, siRNA/RNAi

Biophysical assays protocols

Cell biology protocols

Cell culture, Transfection, Cell staining

Cell signaling/Cell based assays/Drug discovery assays protocols

ADME/Tox assays, Apoptosis assays, cAMP assays, Cell cycle assays, Cytotoxicity assays, Genotoxicity assays, GPCR assays, Histone deacetylase assays, Immunogeneticity assays, Ion channel assays, Kinase assays, Meatabolic assays, Multidrug resistance assays, Nuclear receptor assays.

Cell therapy protocols

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) protocols

Epigenetics protocols

DNA methylation assays, Histones/Nucleosomes , Chromatin immunoprecipitation, Misc. assays

Genomics protocols

High throughput screening (HTS) assays protocols

Immunocytochemistry/Immunochemistry protocols

Immunological assays protocols

Cytokine assays, Immunogeneticity assays, Western blot, Immunoprecipitation, ELISA & Bead based immunoassasy, Dot-blot immunoassay, Lateral flow immunoassay, Antibody labeling

Laser capture microdissection protocols

Mass spectrometry protocols

MALDI-TOF imaging, MALDI sample preparation, MS data analysis, Metabolic profiling

Metabolite assays protocols

Metabolomics protocols

Microbiology, Virology and Immunology protocols

MicroRNA protocols

Miscellaneous Assays and Methods protocols

Mitochondrial drug discovery protocols

Molecular biology protocols

DNA/RNA extraction/labeling, Genotyping, PCR/RT-PCR, Real-time PCR, RNA ligation/RNA amplification, Site directed mutagenesis, TA cloning, In situ PCR, Isothermal Amplification, Nested PCR, Whole genome amplification, Differential display PCR, Multiplex PCR

Nanoparticles: Drug delivery, Imaging and Theranostics protocols

Nanoparticles: Immunoassays

Neurodegenerative disease biomarker and drug discovery protocols

Neuropsychiatric disease biomarker and drug discovery assays and protocols

Neuroscience protocols

Animal models, Assays, Electrophysiology, Histochemistry/Immunocytochemistry, Imaging, Isolation of cells/Tissues, Metabolites, Microscopy, Microdialysis, Molecular biology, Protein biochemistry, Tests

Next generation sequencing protocols

Next generation sequencing protocols- Human

Pharmaceutical drug formulation protocols

Nanoparticle based pharamceutical drug formulation protocols

Pharmacogenomics/Toxicogenomics protocols

Allelic expression imbalance (AEI) Assay, Gene expression analysis, Genetic analysis, Genome-wide association analysis, Genotyping (Study design), Genotyping methods, Phenotyping, SNP analysis - Gene or disease specific, SNP analysis- drug induced, Statistical Methods

Plant biology protocols

Plant biochemistry, Plant molecular biology, Plant proteomics

Protein display/Protein engineering/Directed evolution protocols

Yeast surface display, Bacterial surface display, Ribosome display, Directed evolution, Phage display

Protein microarray protocols

Protein-protein interactions protocols

Bacterial two-hybrid, ChiP, Cross-linking, GST Pull-down, Immunoprecipitation, Mammalian two-hybrid, Miscellaneous, Protein ligand interaction, Tandem affinity purification, Yeast one/two/three-hybrid systems

Proteins protocols

Protein staining (Electrophoresis techniques), Protein/peptide fractionation, Protein quantitation, Protein expression and purification

Proteomics protocols

2-D gels, Plant proteomics, Post-translational modifications, Protein digestion, Protein extraction and profiling, Protein interaction, Protein microarray, Protein modifications, Protein/peptide fractionation, Protein quantitation, Quantitative proteomics, Subcellular fractionation, Tissue microarra

Raman Spectroscopy (biomarker,drug discovery and theranostics applications) protocols

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) biomarker and drug discovery assay protocols

SELDI protocols

siRNA/RNAi protocols

Stem cells protocols

Cancer stem cells, Cell culture, Cell proliferation, Cell staining, Cyropreservation, Differentiation, Epigenetics, Flow cytometry, Genomics, Immunocytochemistry, iPS cells, Karyotyping, Laser capture microdissection, Micro RNA, Microscopy, Neural stem cells, Real-time PCR, Reporter assays, RT-PCR (

Subcellular fractionation protocols

Organelle enrichment, Membrane proteins

Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) protocols

Tissue microarrays protocols

Tumor and tumor cell assay protocols

Zebra Fish protocols protocols

How to locate protocols from patents?
1. Locating protocols in patents and patent application: Protocols are generally explained in the "DETAILED DESCRIPTION" section, most likely at the end of the patent (before the "Claims" section in PDF file). You can also search for the protocol using the keyword in "Find" or "Find in this page" function of your web browser (e.g. Firefox). Note: Keyword searches in PDF files may not always identify the protocols in the patent, especially if you are using PDF files downloaded from WO(PCT) or Google patents.
2. US patent or patent application in PDF format: US patents and patent applications can be downloaded in PDF format from Google patents site (http://www.google.com/patents). Enter the respective patent or patent application number to download the full US patent or patent application. Alternatively, you follow the instructions at USPTO site to download US patents in PDF format, special software downloading may be required. We strongly recommend to use the PDF format since scientific notations may not be displayed correctly in non-PDF files. Note: Recent US patents or patent applications may not be immediately available in Google patent site.
3. WO (PCT) patent applications in PDF format: For viewing or downloading WO (PCT) patent applications in PDF format, click at the "Documents" section and view or download the patent application from the "Initial Publication.." column.
4. Citations of protocols used in US patents/patent applications: Citations in patents are usually given at the beginning of the US patents or patent applications.
Disclaimer: The contents of this bioprocols database are for education or research purpose only. The protocols extracted from patents or patent applications and the components used in these protocols may be covered under intellectual property (IP) rights. Consult with a patent attorney to understand the IP rights before using the methods or components described in the protocols that are extracted from patents or patent applications. The information or contents from this database should not be used in clinical diagnostics applications or tested in human or animals without prior approval from respective regulatory agencies or bodies.
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