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We have a unique collection of protocols from journals and patents. We have listed thousands of protocols and in most cases, the titles of protocols listed in our site are similar to the "Materials & Methods" section of the journals. Sometimes, it is not easy to categorize these protocols. We are in the process of categorizing these protocols. Meantime, we strongly recommend you to search for the protocols using the search function.

MicroRNA (miRNA) Analysis and Databases Protocols

Bioprotocols > Bioinformatics Tools and Databases > MicroRNA (miRNA) Analysis and Databases
The protocols listed in this section are extracted from scientific journals or patents or laboratory websites. We have cited only the journals that are freely available to view. Please be informed that the free services offered by listed journals may not be available globally. If you find difficulty in viewing the journals listed in our site, please let us know.
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PolymiRTS Database 2.0 : linking polymorphisms in microRNA target sites with human diseases and complex traits

PolymiRTS : a database of naturally occurring DNA variations in putative microRNA (miRNA) target sites

RNA22 : microRNA target detection & precursor prediction

RNAmicro : to distinguish miRNA precursor sequences from other (putative) non-coding RNAs

TarBase 6.0 : capturing the exponential growth of miRNA targets with experimental support

TarBase : database with more than 1300 experimentally supported miRNA target interactions

TargetMiner : microRNA target prediction tool

TargetScanHuman : search for predicted microRNA targets in mammals

TransmiR : transcription factormicroRNA regulation database

ViTA : miRNA targets in virus

40 items found, displaying 31 to 40.[First/Prev] 1, 2 [Next/Last]
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