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ddTargets (Drug Targets / Disease Target Database): This is a unique and comprehensive database on therapeutic drug targets. This database contains drug targets reported in US patents or US/International patent applications and published research articles. The drug targets are also classified according to specific drug types (e.g. small molecule drugs, protein drugs, antibody drugs, siRNA drugs, miRNA drugs etc.) and disease types. The assays and methods used for characterizing each drug targets are listed as well. All the drug targets are linked to various databases such as PubMed (articles), Google Scholar (articles), GeneBank® (nucleotide sequence), UniProt (protein sequence), USPTO (full text patents/patent applications), WO(PCT) (full text international patent applications) and Google patents (full text US patents).
ddTargets (Drug Targets / Disease Target Database)

Therapeutic Drug Targets

From patents and patent applications.

6000 drug targets

Novel/Potential Therapeutic Drug Targets

From published research articles.

3100 drug targets

Combination Therapy Database

From published research articles, US & WO(PCT) patent publications and clinicaltrials.gov

Combination therapies for over 1300 diseases

Therapeutic and Experimental Drugs Database

From published research articles, US & WO(PCT) patent publications and clinicaltrials.gov

Therapuetic Experimental Drugs for over 14000 drugs

Stem Cell Therapeutics Database

Therapeutic applications of stem cells extracted from patents, patent applications and clinical trials. The contents of this database are for research information and applications only.

Stem Cell Therapeutics Database contains over 300 diseases or disorders

Accessory Database

Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarker Database

From Patent publications and PubMed abstracts

Over 29,000 unique biomarkers for over 1800 diseases
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Cancer Biomarker Database (Oncology Biomarker Database)

Biomarkers in this database are extracted from patents, research articles and meeting abstracts.

Over 8,000 unique biomarkers for over various cancer types


A unique database of bioprotocols linked to journal articles or patents.

Drug Discovery Protocols

A comprehensive list of drug discovery protocols

Drug Discovery News

Latest drug discovery news

Biomarker Discovery Protocols

A comprehensive list of biomarker discovery protocols

Biomarker Discovery News

Latest biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostic news

Sciclips Blog

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Cell based reporter assays: misleading approach in drug discovery?
Disclaimer: This database is for research, educational and informational purposes only. The information provided in the database is not for clinical diagnosis, treatment, human/animal applications or for providing medical advices. The contents of the above databases should not be downloaded using any manual or automated processes and/or crawlers. Bulk downloading or reselling or re-distribution of the contents of the above databases is prohibited.
Services offered

SciClips Consultancy

Fostering innovation through scientific intelligence
Sciclips consultancy service team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced scientists who have several years of research experience in academic and industrial laboratories. We offer following custom services at competitive price:

Scientific and technical areas covered: Drug discovery, Stem cells, Genomics, Proteomics, Biomarkers, Clinical diagnostics, Companion diagnostics, Molecular diagnostics, Personalized medicine (theranostics), Plant and agricultural biotechnology

Patent search

: Custom intellectual property (IP) analysis; Comprehensive patent database search and evaluation

Custom data analysis and data mining

: From patents, research articles, meeting abstracts and web based information. Custom meta analysis.

Competitive intelligence analysis

: Comprehensive analysis of competitive technologies and products; Technology trend prediction; Identification of technology licensing opportunities; Acquisition target identification; Identification of collaborative technology development opportunities.

Technology development

: Identification of potential development opportunities in drug discovery assay development, cell based assay development, recombinant protein expression (in vitro and in vivo) and mass spectrometry/proteomics reagents and tools; Product development strategy.

Diagnostics and Theranostics technology development

: Diagnostic assay development; Diagnostic target identification (molecular or protein or miRNA or metabolomic biomarkers); Prognostic and drug efficacy biomarkers; Theranostics tools, biomarkers and therapeutic drug targets; Identification of emerging technologies and methods.

Custom database development

Customized bioinformatics tools

: Offered through our partners.

Proteomics and Drug discovery services (laboratory based)

: Offered through our partners.

For more information on our consultancy services please contact us at contact@sciclips.com or email us using the contact form
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